The audio systems cover a wide spectrum, ranging from music systems, customized speakers, home theatre systems, woofers, amplifiers, and more. In the residential space with the convergence of IT and AV, and with the availability of excellent digital content, the need arises for high quality active speakers that can seamlessly integrate into a digital lifestyle. At Visual Tech and Packs, we offer integrated audio and sound system products, and setup for homes, offices, commercial and lounge installations in Hyderabad.

Brands we deal in

KEF | Bose | Polk | Denon | ELAC

Today, the Indian market is flooded with audio systems and sound equipments across categories. At Visual Tech and Packs , we choose the perfect amalgamation of fine quality sound systems and advanced technological components to range to test high definition speakers and home theater systems before installation. There are multiple audio options available for customers to choose in Hyderabad. We deal in multiple brands offering a wide range of high definition speakers and home theater systems with cutting edge features such as touch screen functionality, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and Dynamic Bass Boost. The youth can now experiment with different sound systems, and experience the thrill of a state of the art home theater and speaker system. Stylishly designed and boasting impeccable sound quality bringing in 100% customized and unparalleled home theater and music experience.