We have a wide range of Screens catering to Offices, Board rooms, meeting rooms and Home Theaters in Hyderabad. The material and frame structure determines quality and durability of the screen. We at Visual Tech have Manual Drop, Motorized Drop, Fixed Frame Screens, and Perforated Fixed Frame Screens, 4K Screens available in different ratios and sizes.

Brands we deal in

Grandview | Liberty | ELITE

Projection screens have optical coatings that enhance their reflective properties. White walls don’t. You can certainly use a wall if you want to, and you will get a watchable image, however the quality, sharpness and contrast will be highly reduced. Further, as the technology changes Projectors, Audio systems, DVD players and other electronic gadgets may have to be changes or replaced or upgraded, but high quality projection screens will last a lifetime.

Why you need to invest in a good projection Screens?

  1. Provides a luxurious cinema feel to your own home theatre
  2. Improves professional display quality for corporate or official use
  3. Framed screens with borders absorb over projected images
  4. High contrast grey or white screen fabric gives you theatre like image effect
  5. Easy setup and installation, can be used shifted to a different location as well
  6. Perfect flat screen surface, enables better projection, and enhances projector usage