Video Walls

A video wall is any large electronic display of an image or images being displayed in a presentation format. Typically multiple display devices are tiled together as close as possible in a matrix to create a single logical screen. While the display is certainly the most visible part of a video wall system, it’s actually just only one piece of a complex solution. Have you ever wondered about the technology behind a video wall? How do those individual screens “talk to each other” to act as a single display surface? How do you control what appears on the displays and where? And how do you get your content onto the displays to begin with? Here’s where we come in as system integrators.

Brands we deal in

Samsung | LG | Hyundai

Visual Tech and Packs, aims to popularize the Video Walls in Hyderabad. We are Audio-visual integration specialist, and deal in procurement and installation of LED screens, video walls, and interactive boards, and more. We create innovative display solutions for global brands. Video walls stand to be the perfect solution for a larger than life visual impact that is simply life like. Multiple brands offer ultra HD display solutions that bring visual excitement to indoor and outdoor environments. These rugged displays offer full-colour, full-motion, dynamic, real-life like content and can withstand bright ambient light and extreme weather conditions. Whether retail, digital signage, airports, railway stations, events or other public venues, create the display magic you want.